This reliable company will pay you $100 for every hour you watch TikTok videos. Explain how to make an application

In recent years, the way we consume audiovisual content has changed, as we choose more and more videos, leaving images and texts aside. A good proof of this is that TikTok, a short video platform, has become the most used social network in the world, and all this despite its controversial commitment to user privacy, which has led some in the United States and the European Commission to ban its use. among the employees of the application.

No matter what, TikTok continues to grow day by day and more and more creators are focusing on this platform. This has caused marketing companies to look for new ways to increase their clients’ followers, but without a doubt, the company that takes the cake is an influencer agency that offers $1000 to watch short videos for 10 hours straight.

As we can read Business Insider Ubiquitous a company that creates marketing campaigns for influencers has launched the so-calledTikTok Watching Job 2.0They’re looking for three people who are responsible for watching TikTok for 10 hours straight, with the goal of helping them find “new emerging trends.”

These people are paid 100 euros per hour, or a total of $1,000 for a 10-hour viewing session, and if you want to apply, you only need to meet two conditions: be over 18 years old and know TikTok.

To apply for this odd job, you need to fill out a 50-100 word form explaining why you should be chosen for this position. Plus, you can earn extra points if you post a tweet explaining why you’re the perfect candidate for the job. You can submit your application on 31.5.

This is not the first time this company has launched a similar program. A few months ago, it was looking for candidates to pay them $50 an hour in exchange for watching TikTok for 12 hours straight, but it looks like it decided to up its ante by offering more money.

– Link to the application: TikTok viewing job 2.0

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