The founder of ChatGPT wants everyone to have a source of income and launches an app that gives you weekly money just for signing up

OpenAI’s current CEO, Sam Altman, has a new task on his hands. He’s been one of those responsible for expanding the use of AI to almost every corner of the world thanks to the GPT language model, and more specifically ChatGPT, and now he’s aiming to achieve an even more ambitious dream: Universal Basic Income for every human being. on the planet.

To achieve this, Sam Altman launched an initiative that aims to create a new financial and identity network that “belongs to everyone.” Its app is now available for download on major mobile platforms.

As Altman himself explains on the project’s official website, Worldcoin was launched as an initiative that, if successful, can significantly increase economic opportunities and create a reliable solution to separate people from the Internet’s artificial intelligence while preserving privacy.

In this way, it aims to create a universal basic income for people, financed by the work done by artificial intelligence systems. People registered with Worldcoin get paid for iris scans to verify their “humanity”.

According to its promoters Sam Altman and Alex Blania, Worldcoin is an open source protocol supported by a global community of developers, individuals, economists and technologists committed to expanding participation and access to the global economy.

-This way you can get money just for registering in the app

Sam Altama’s goal is to get 2 billion people to sign up for Worldcoin. All those who do this and go through the verification process will receive Worldcoins regularly. These tokens are stored in World App, a Worldcoin compatible cryptocurrency wallet.

After registration, the World application already gives the first credentials to users. From there, the platform rewards cryptocurrencies every week to those who have been verified.

To redeem the tokens stored in the wallet, yes, you need to verify your identity by scanning your iris with one of the Worldcoin spheres. on Official website it is possible to check the positions of currently available celestial bodies.

Application link: Android And ios

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