Stay away from using YouTube app after today and use this app which gives you all paid features for free

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most popular streaming services today and most of us often use its official app to watch videos from our favorite channels, but if we don’t have a YouTube Premium subscription, the app has certain features. which we cannot enjoy, such as background playback or video downloads. In the memory of our mobile phone.

Of course, we have several alternatives to the YouTube app at our disposal to mitigate these shortcomings and after trying almost all of them, today I’m talking about the best alternative I’ve tried on Android. It’s called LibreTube, it’s open source, and it’s close to the official YouTube app.

The first thing that stands out about LibreTube is its aesthetics, as this open-source app follows a Material You-based design that closely resembles Google’s app.

Likewise, LibreTube has a simple and functional interface that is very similar to the official app, as we have a bottom bar with three tabs that allow us to quickly access the app’s main screen, subscriptions, and library.

In this application, of course, we cannot use our Google account to synchronize history, favorites, subscriptions or saved videos to watch later, but we have the option to manually add the channels we subscribe to by following these simple instructions. :

– Open the LibreTube app on your Android phone

– Click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner

– Type the name of the channel to be added, for example “huhu” and press the Enter key on the smartphone keyboard

– Finally, tap on the channel card shown at the top of the search results and press the Subscribe button.

When we watch a YouTube video in LibreTube, we notice that we have a very complete player with 5 buttons in the bottom bar:

– Share: This option allows us to share the video with your friends through any other application

– Download: Clicking this button will download the video to our drive’s internal storage

– Pop-up window: By touching this option, the video will continue playing in a pop-up window that we can move on the screen

– Audio: If we click this button, only the audio of the video will be played and we can continue listening to it in the background

– Save: With this last option we can save videos to watch later just like in the official app

Also, if we touch the screen while the video is playing and then click on the down arrow icon in the upper right corner, a menu will open where we can adjust the playback speed, improve the quality of the video and turn on the subtitles. .

But as is usually the case with some open source apps, it is not available on the Google Play Store, so to download it, you have to download it from its official repository on GitHub or via the free alternative Android app store, F-Droid. . So that you don’t have to search for these links, we leave you together below these lines.

– Download LibreTube for free at GitHub

– Download LibreTube for free at F-Droi

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