Bing can now use artificial intelligence to create the images you want. Try it like this

Platforms that create images with artificial intelligence continue to develop, and now it’s Bing’s turn, which has released its own system called Image Creator.

After the success of ChatGPT, which is now part of Microsoft’s search engine Bing, things are evolving and new ways of using AI are being developed.

In this case, Bing Image Creator, using the DALL-E 2 engine, wants to be one of the most popular image creation platforms on the market, as it is a direct competitor to MidJourney and Stable Difusion.

Like other apps, Bing Image Creator uses artificial intelligence to help anyone who needs it create one or more images.

So far, its use is free and as if it were a browser, you just need to type in the search bar what you need and the system will generate different examples of the images you are looking for.

Bing Image Creator works the same way DALL-E Because it is a special and advanced version of this AI. Therefore, it is able to understand what you ask in natural language.

In addition, you can request very accurate images because it recognizes the styles, concepts, artistic flows and other elements that make this platform unique.

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