Best dropshipping sites in Saudi Arabia

E-commerce has been booming in Saudi Arabia recently, prompting many people to try to break into this industry through the easiest way to sell products electronically, which is dropshipping.

This involves researching the best drop shipping locations in Saudi Arabia from several aspects such as product quality and prices.

In this article, we will go through the best dropshipping sites in Saudi Arabia and present you with all the information you need to know about them.

AliExpress or Ali Express is a famous e-commerce site that is very popular in the drop shipping industry. The site provides a platform for Chinese and international merchants to sell their products directly to customers all over the world, including Saudi Arabia.

Main features of the AliExpress website

a) Offers a wide range of products: On Express offers a huge selection of different products in different categories. Including electronics, clothing, accessories, household products and more. On the website, you can also find products at competitive and versatile prices to meet your customers’ needs.

b) Works with multiple multiple suppliers: Ali Express works with many different suppliers in different industries and categories. You can choose from a wide range of sellers and products, which offers great flexibility in choosing the right suppliers for you and your customers.

C) Supports sales via dropshipping: Ali Express offers the opportunity to work with a drop shipping system by offering some features, the most important of which are:

  • It allows platforms that can create online stores (such as Shopify) to import the product information available to them.
  • Allows you to connect with suppliers and merchants to get the best prices.
  • It offers the possibility to deliver to several countries (including Saudi Arabia).
  • Provides a tool for tracking the supply chain of products.

d) Provides protection to buyers in the following ways: Ali Express offers a buyer protection system to help protect buyers’ rights. If there are any disputes or problems with the order, you can easily open a ticket and contact the seller to solve the problem.

AliExpress also offers a money-back guarantee and the option to resend products if they don’t arrive or arrive damaged or defective.

e) Contains a section for product ratings and reviews: Ali Express offers a special section for ratings and reviews of products and sellers from other users who have previously purchased from it. This helps you make a purchase decision that suits your store and your customers, and you can choose the highest quality products and the most committed suppliers.

f) Small or medium quantities of products may be sold: On Express enables the purchase of small quantities of products, even if it is a single unit, so it is suitable for small dropshipping stores.

The site also allows you to buy large (but limited) products, so it is also suitable for medium-sized dropshipping stores.

If you want to buy in bulk or supply products to companies, I recommend using Alibaba for reasons we’ll explain later.

Alibaba and Ali Express are two platforms that belong to the same parent company, Alibaba Group. However, there are some differences between the two, the main one being that Alibaba focuses mainly on wholesale and business-to-business (B2B) commerce. .

Alibaba allows companies to buy products in bulk and meet business needs, while AliExpress is mainly aimed at retail and end-to-end customers (B2C).

In addition, Alibaba offers a wide variety of products, from industrial products and construction equipment to clothing and electronics. This is in contrast to AliExpress, which focuses largely on consumer products such as clothing, accessories and small electronics.

Finally, the delivery time of Alibaba products depends on the understanding between the buyer and the seller. Here, buyers have to arrange the delivery method and the time required for delivery, while Ali Express offers fast and reliable delivery options that help buyers get the products quickly.

Main features of the Alibaba website

A) It works through trusted suppliers and manufacturers: Alibaba provides access to an extensive network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers around the world, allowing Saudi merchants to search a comprehensive database of suppliers and contract with trusted manufacturers for high-quality products.

b) Offers a wide range of products: Alibaba offers a variety of products in various categories including clothing, electronics, household products and many more.

This allows dropshipping store owners in Saudi Arabia to choose products that meet the needs of their target audience.

c) Offers the opportunity to negotiate prices and delivery terms: Alibaba allows merchants to negotiate prices and delivery terms with suppliers according to their requirements and customer preferences, which helps merchants achieve good deals through direct negotiations with suppliers.

d) Provides excellent transportation and storage services: Alibaba offers advanced shipping and warehousing services that dropshipping store owners can benefit from. These store owners can arrange global and local shipping and storage in available warehouses to efficiently meet the needs of their customers.

e) Provides advanced tools: Alibaba offers comprehensive tools and systems for managing dropshipping stores in Saudi Arabia. These include inventory management, sales, delivery and order tracking systems. These tools allow store owners to manage their stores, improve performance and increase sales. .

Amazon, or Amazon, is the world’s first and largest e-commerce website that offers a huge number of exclusive features in the field of electronic sales in general and in the field of dropshipping delivery in particular.

Main features of Amazon

A) Offers a huge number of products: Amazon offers an endless number of products in all fields such as electronic devices, clothes, bags and many more.

This means that no matter what your store’s specialty is, you can find its products on Amazon in shapes and features to suit all your customers’ tastes.

b) Offers different price and quality options: Amazon offers its products at several different prices. Prices vary due to multiple vendors and additional features such as warranty and accessories offered. When it comes to product quality, the site offers different quality products suitable for all customer segments and e-shops.

c) Provides a seamless shopping experience: Amazon offers a smooth shopping experience, which allows you as a dropshipping store owner to easily find products suitable for your customers. This is because it offers an advanced search engine through which you can select products by sizes, specifications and prices. that you are specifically looking for.

d) It automatically calculates customs and delivery fees and costs: Amazon’s website can calculate duties and customs charges and deliver products to customer addresses automatically and accurately.

This saves you as a dropshipping store owner from calculating the shipping and customs costs yourself and helps you avoid mistakes that may occur during this process.

Shopify or Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to easily create and manage their online stores. Shopify offers a wide range of tools and features to help you create and operate dropshipping stores in an innovative and integrated way.

Key features of Shopify

A) Integration with payment gateways: Shopify supports many popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe and more. This allows dropshipping stores in Saudi Arabia to receive payments from different customers easily and securely.

b) Provides advanced analysis and reporting tools: The Shopify website offers comprehensive reports and advanced analysis tools. These tools help dropshipping store owners in Saudi Arabia track their store sales, understand their customers’ behavior, and generally maximize their profits.

c) Integrated with external applications: The Shopify website offers an app store that includes a wide range of external applications useful in the field of online shopping, which enhances the operations of stores using the dropshipping system both on a technical level and in sales and transaction processes. Customers.

d) Provides a safe and reliable system: Shopify cares about data security, so it offers advanced security protocols and Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificates that protect sensitive information of online stores and their customers, such as payment information, shipping addresses, and personal information.

The M5azn website, or stores, is a wholesale and drop-shipping website in Saudi Arabia that offers a wide range of products from various categories such as clothing, accessories, electronics, home appliances and many more.

Main features of the M5azn website

A) It offers a huge number of products: Makhzen website offers more than 30 thousand products from different categories and products, the most important of which are:

  • Clothes and accessories.
  • electronic devices.
  • Household goods.
  • Toys and baby accessories.
  • health and beauty.
  • Books and publications.
  • Gifts and souvenirs.

b) It offers a versatile number of price plans for different forms and sectors of online stores: The Makhzen website offers four basic packages through which you can access it.

The packages vary in terms of features, purpose and of course price, but the most important package offered by Makhzen is the free package because it offers benefits to beginners in the field of accounting in Saudi Arabia.

c) Offers different options for storing and packing products: The shopping site offers different storage facilities for products according to their dimensions and weights and at a suitable fee, as well as quality packaging options for simple payments.

d) Provides advanced tools and features in the field of goods delivery and electronic sales: The Makhzen website offers a variety of dropshipping store management tools, including automated product inventory systems, tools to display sales statistics and data. Additionally, multiple users can manage accounts (only available in paid packages).


In this article, we showed you the best drop-off locations in Saudi Arabia. Do you know any other sites that can be trusted by Saudi Arabian carriers? Share the names of these sites with us in the comments.

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