Totally free.. This site creates images from text using 6 AI robots

There are more AI image generators available online than ever before. They have resurrected projects that were thought to be dead like Limewire. In this context, there are alternatives that may be better than others due to diversity and flexibility of operation. Zoo is one of those image generators that gives you many options for practically nothing.

He is the hero of this article. As you might already imagine, it’s an AI-powered image generator, but special in its own way. because? Well, because the service uses 6 different AI models to bring you multiple different images of the same claim. Best? It’s free and has a more than reasonable response rate.

Zoo uses 6 AI models to generate images, so its results are not only variable, but in different ways until it finds what the user wants. These models are well known in this world: Stable Diffusion 2.1 and 1.5, Kadinsky 2 and 2.2, Deepfloyd and Material Diffusion.

When you type an image prompt, the app goes to work and produces images using each of these templates. You get three images of each AI model, each with its own distinct, recognizable style, reducing the time it takes to find the model you’re looking for.

To use the Zoo, you must follow the instructions below.

– Go to official website this link .

– Write a prompt in the text field describing the image you want to create in English.

– Select the AI ​​models you want to work with from the boxes.

– Press GO.

– Depending on how busy the AI ​​servers are, the process will take a few seconds or a few minutes.

– You have three output images for each AI model. Each image has two options: get a link to that image or download it to your computer.

To use the Zoo, you must follow the instructions below.

The images you get are usually 1024 x 1024. Zoo also comes with a latent unity model option that seems to focus on producing high resolution images in the output.

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