YouTube is lenient on its video monetization program terms… new, easy terms

The economic crises that hit big tech companies made them take strange actions, like the paid blue tick on Twitter, and in the case of YouTube, the number of non-skippable ads in videos increased dramatically. Since YouTube receives a large portion of the profits from these ads, it is in its interest to increase the number of content creators and advertisers. That’s why YouTube has reduced the necessary requirements for creators to use the profit-making tools of the YouTube Partner Program.

Previous requirements required 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, or 10 million views of short videos.

The new requirements for a creator to use the monetization tools are to reach only 500 subscribers and upload three public videos in the last 90 days, or reach 3,000 watch hours in the last year, or 3 million views of short videos. in the last 90 days.

The requirement to upload three video clips every 90 days is strange, as inactive channels are excluded, even if they have previously received millions of views. That is, the company urges content producers not to stop publishing, even if the content is not good. YouTube is rolling out these new terms in the US, UK, Canada, Taiwan and South Korea. It will be released later in other countries where the YouTube Partner Program is available.


Author: \ Al-Bahi

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