3 Cryptocurrencies that Investors Recommend to Invest in for Big Profits in 2023

According to investor recommendations, there are three cryptocurrencies that should be considered profitable at the end of 2023.

The first is Litecoin, which has attracted significant investment and could attract the interest of smaller buyers and increase its value, which is estimated to be around $120, from the current cost of $107.

Bitcoin Cash is another notable option as it has risen significantly since May 2022. According to estimates, its value could exceed $350 by the end of the year, while its current price is $308.

The third recommended cryptocurrency is COMP, a compound finance coin. In June, its price exceeded $60 due to whale investments. Like Litecoin, investor activity is expected to inspire retailers to launch COMP.

According to Will Clemente, founder of Reflexivity Resin, Tuesdays are the best days to trade this cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, weekends are clearly the days when Bitcoin does the worst, according to the chart provided by the analyst. Despite regulatory attacks on the US cryptocurrency industry, the second half looks like a good time to invest in digital assets based on current conditions.

However, it is important to note that there are risks associated with cryptocurrency investing and it is recommended to do extensive research before making any investment decisions.

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