Here’s how you can earn dollars on Quora by asking questions and answering others

Quora is an international site where questions are asked and answered. Quora allows any of its users to ask questions and anyone can provide answers. That’s why you will find that most of the questions you have in mind have already been asked and mostly answered on Quora. But the answers given are often not of the required quality, so Quora uses a “positive” system that allows users to select the best answer. But did you know that you can use Quora to earn money just by asking questions?

Through the Quora Affiliate Program, Quora allows you to earn anywhere from a few cents to thousands of dollars from advertising revenue on question and answer pages, but you need an invitation from Quora to join this program. You can get invite for 100 questions and also 30 questions based on user interaction

With your questions.

Follow these tips to get invited to the Quora Affiliate Program

You must be in one of these countries to participate in the Quora Affiliate Program. These are the US, Japan, Germany, Spain, France, UK, Italy, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, India, and Brazil, but you can bypass geographic boundaries by using socks or a VPN in any of the countries mentioned. It’s easy to get a PayPal account (except US) using Firefox, and never open Quora without a VPN.

Regularly ask questions about trending topics.

Give good, quality answers to prove you’re invested in Quora.

Create a profile with all the details and don’t forget to associate the location with the VPN if your country is not eligible.

Please be patient. It can take from 6 months to one year to receive an invitation. If you are active on the site, you may receive an invitation within months.

The money you pay depends on the traffic you generate on Quora, not the number of questions you ask. The ad will be displayed on your page and based on the traffic you will get a certain percentage of the revenue generated by your page because it is an affiliate program.

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