Meta launches a new website, a free image generator with artificial intelligence. Be the first to use it

Imagine Meta’s AI image generator, it just needs a command from you to explain what you want it to create so it can design the image the way you want it to. It was launched independently, meaning it has its own website outside of the Meta social networks that anyone can access.

The website can be accessed from the link below. There, people who want to create an image with artificial intelligence just have to type the way they want. Artificial intelligence creates 4 images based on the description.

They all have a watermark in the lower right corner, indicating that they were created by Meta’s AI. Below we explain how to remove the watermark. In any case, Meta says it will soon begin testing a new watermark that is invisible and indelible because it persists even when the user adjusts image attributes such as contrast. The company also announced that it will introduce a tool to “re-imagine” AI images it receives in conversations with friends on its social media platforms.

The problem with Meta’s Imagine, at least for now, is that it is not available in some countries. Yes, we can use their website and write a description, but when we log in with the Metal needed to create images, we are told that the service is not yet available on our site, so we advise you if this is the case in your country, for example, to use a VPN with an American server.

This service allows Meta to compete with Microsoft’s image maker and others. Meta believes that the future is in artificial intelligence, which is why it applies it at all levels, not only in image design, but in chatbots or even Instagram stories.

– Link: Imagine

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