A hidden option on the phone. Activate it to move apps to an external storage card

Applications are installed in the phone’s memory by default, and although the internal storage space of modern phones has increased somewhat, prolonged use of the phone takes up a lot of space and is not enough to store all the media and applications, so using an external memory card is a good solution to this problem. But you may face a hurdle in transferring apps from phone to external storage. Therefore, in this post, we will learn how to move Android apps to external storage against their will and without any programs or apps.

Not all apps support moving app data to external storage, but Android 7.0 and later have a hidden option in System Preferences that allows the user to force the feature to be available in all apps without affecting their performance. Go to the Apps section of your phone settings and click on something like WhatsApp to see a properties page where you’ll notice that it doesn’t allow transfer to an external memory card.

To activate this hidden option, activate the developer options from the About phone section, then Software details and press the build number 5 times in a row until the message “Developer mode is activated” appears. Developer options appear in settings. Go to developer options, scroll down and activate the option to allow apps to be cataloged on external storage.

Thus, you can move any application installed on your phone to external storage by going to the Storage and Storage page. You will notice that the Used Storage option will appear with a Change button. When you press it, you can select SD card or SD card and then press Transfer as happened with WhatsApp which did not support transfer to external storage.

See how to do it in the video below

If the internal storage becomes full, this option will save a lot of storage space.


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